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The best time to prepare for the SAT is summer, when students are free from the obligations of homework, school clubs, and teams. Elite has a variety of programs, schedules, and locations to give you the flexibilty to select the program that best meets your needs. Summer is just around the corner – contact your local branch today to schedule a free diagnostic test and consultation to find out which program is right for you.

Elite Summer Session programs include:

SAT Boot Camp

Elite's well-known and highly-regarded SAT Boot Camp is a demanding program designed for high school students who want to commit a significant portion of their summer to raise their SAT scores. Students take a 3.5 hour practice test every Monday and attend class and test review Tuesday through Friday.* Classes focus on developing critical reading, grammar, vocabulary, writing, and math skills--everything necessary to master the SAT. Our expert instructors will give you the knowledge and techniques you need to perform your best on test day.

SAT Essentials

Our SAT Essentials weekday and weekend programs feature our proven curriculum, while offering a more streamlined approach to SAT prep and a less intensive schedule.

PSAT Boot Camp / PSAT Essentials

The Elite PSAT Program is designed for students in 9th and 10th grade who want to get a head start on preparing for the PSAT and SAT. PSAT Boot Camp offers a set of three interlocking classes (Critical Reading, Writing and a Math class previewing Algebra II) taught at a pace more suited to younger students.

ReadiPrep™ English and Math

Aimed at students in grades 5-9, ReadiPrep™ English focuses on developing studies’ critical reading and thinking skills through an interconnected course of study involving reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar studies, persuasive writing, and test skill development. ReadiPrep™ Math provides students with a preview of the math coursework they can expect to study during the school year.  With this head start in English and Math, students will have to opportunity to build upon a strong foundation once they enter their fall semesters.

*Classes and schedules vary by branch. Check your branch's summer session schedule for details.