Possible Changes to the SAT


The College Board recently announced that it will be revising the SAT Reasoning Test. As of now, the College Board has not announced any details, including a date for the planned change or the nature of the changes. Rest assured, though, that Elite will be on top of the latest news.

Over the past twenty-four years, Elite has acquired a wealth of expert knowledge and experience in creating the most effective curriculum to prepare college-bound students to succeed on the SAT. We successfully met the challenge of developing a system of lessons and practice tests to reflect the changes in the SAT in 1994 and more recently in 2005. We are confident that we will be able once again to swiftly adapt our curriculum to reflect the new changes to the SAT.

When more details emerge, students and parents may have to decide which test (the current SAT, the new SAT, or the ACT) to take. Elite’s trained directors and counselors will be ready to guide students through every step with the most up-to-date information available and to offer courses specifically tailored to the exam that best fits their plans. 

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