AoCMM Math Modeling Competition

Interested in participating in a mathematical modeling competition this fall? Want a chance to win a part of the $4000 cash prize pool and other awesome prizes? 

From September 11th to 13th, the Association of Computational and Mathematical Modeling (AoCMM) will be hosting an international online competition in mathematical modeling for teams of one to four participants aged below 21. Teams will be given specific topics and will conduct independent research which they'll present in the form of an organized research paper. These papers will be judged by a panel of professors from universities such as Harvard, Duke, Brown, Northwestern, and NYU; teams can also sign up to receive specific feedback from the judges on their paper and on how to improve. All participants will be given certificates based on ranking, and top teams will receive scholarships for their exemplary performance.

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AoCMM is a new organization which aims to spread knowledge of the power and versatility of mathematical modeling around the world. Explore to learn more and find free resources for learning mathematical modeling.

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