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How to Approach the Fiction/Literature Passage on the SAT & ACT

The first passage on both the ACT and the SAT Reading tests is the fiction/literature passage. For some students, the fiction passage is the most interesting one on the test because it offers a change of pace from the others, which tend to be fact-based and straightforward. However, when teaching these passages, I often hear collective groans from my students because many of them fail to grasp what actually happens within these stories. To reduce confusion, here are some suggestions on how to approach fiction and literature passages on the ACT and SAT:

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Pacing Yourself on the SAT and ACT

“How can I improve my speed on the SAT/ACT?” is one of the most frequently asked questions I hear from students. It’s a tricky question to answer without knowing specifically how a student approaches test-taking because we all read and calculate at different rates. However, there are general strategies anyone can use to improve performance speed on test day.

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