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According to a survey by the National Association of College Admission Counseling, admissions professionals have identified grades in college-prep courses as the #1 admission decision factor for first-time freshmen. Get the academic edge you need with Small-Group Tutoring at Elite Prep!

Throughout each session, you’ll receive individual attention and be taught at your own unique learning pace. Whether you need extra help understanding the fundamentals of a specific subject or are just looking for a few solid review sessions before final exams, we’ll help you develop study skills and discover your strengths while working to increase your academic performance.

Our teachers are held to the highest standards, and the continued training we provide gives them the best tools to motivate and monitor your success. Additionally, Elite’s high teacher-retention rate and regular tutoring schedule make it possible for you to continue learning with your favorite teachers for a long period of time, creating positive and meaningful mentoring relationships.

One-on-one tutoring also available.

Need help getting ahead in Chemistry, Calculus, US History, or any other class? Looking for a teacher who can help you understand the material inside and out?

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Your first step is to schedule a free diagnostic test and consultation. After you finish the test, your Elite counselor will help you understand your scores, set your goals, and create a plan of action that will put you on track to college admission success!

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