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 Our SAT Core summer program featured over 1000 pages of lessons and practice questions. Elite serves more than 20,000 students worldwide each year.


"The environment at Elite inspires a higher standard of education that pushes students to be intellectual human beings. My teachers have given me such an appreciation for learning and have instilled in me an enthusiasm to seek new perspectives, acquire new techniques, and challenge and better my mind in order to achieve greater goals."

– Sharon L. | Stanford University

 Verdinand R.

"The support system at Elite is amazing, and the teachers are there to help you with anything you need. There’s a focus you gain being surrounded by people with such an impressive work ethic in an atmosphere that fosters success, focus and determination."

– Verdinand R. | USC

"Studying in an environment where all my peers supported me and my teachers were so interactive helped me find confidence in myself as a student, and it definitely made studying more fun!"

– Lucy C. | UC Berkeley


 We've been helping students reach their academic goals since 1987. Thirty years of experience. Elite has been developing its own curriculum for the last three decades, constantly adapting to changing tests.


Summer 2017 Classes Include

SAT Boot Camp

SAT 1400 Goal Program

SAT Weekday

SAT Weekend

ACT Weekday

ACT Weekend

Math Clinic

Critical Reading & Writing Camp

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