Assistant Director

Elite Prep San Jose


The Assistant Director is a crucial aspect of Elite Educational Institute at San Jose’s plan to expand operations. The Assistant Director will be responsible for the following job duties and is required to have an understanding of the tools outlined in order to effectively perform the job.

Job Description:

The essential responsibilities and duties of this job will include the following:

Counsel and communicate with both students and their parents on a regular basis on a variety of issues, including, but not limited to, EEI’s program offerings; students’ participation and progress in EEI’s  programs; advice on appropriate school coursework at the elementary, intermediate, and high school levels; and college and career planning.  (This will take 30% of the Incumbent’s Time)

  • Provide students and their parents important information on multitude of matters, including, but not limited to, high school graduation requirements, college and university profiles and admissions requirements, the structure and content of the SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Tests, and current developments in education.
  • Search and research on the summer or regular school program, communicate with school administration to get more information
  • Implement procedures and coordinate the process to place students at appropriate curriculum levels, including review of student data and testing of students

Conduct parent/student seminars or Expo designed to fill an educational gap by providing basic information that, for budgetary and other reasons, is often not furnished them by school guidance offices.  Topics covered would include alternative, subsidized educational resources, college planning, the college application process, SAT exams, career selection, aptitude tests, financial aid and scholarships. (This will take 20% of the Incumbent’s Time)

  • Participate and host college fairs and other public info-forums to promote public awareness of EEI’s programs.

Oversee the accurate recording and maintenance of a data associated with students’ participation in EEI’s programs, including, but not limited to, personal and academic information, class attendance, completion of homework assignments, test and quiz scores, and demerits using EEI proprietary system SRDB (Student Record Data Base) (This will take 20% of the Incumbent’s Time)

By utilizing skills, knowledge and expertise in education, help research and develop teaching materials and lessons for use in EEI’s programs. (This will take 10% of the Incumbent’s Time)

Help to plan class and program schedules. Allocate teaching schedules and assignments.

 Coordinate and, in appropriate cases, conduct EEI instructor training programs designed to address three major areas: (i) classroom skills, (ii) curriculum mastery, and (iii) company philosophy. Conduct job performance review and assessment.

Attend all Directors’ Meetings and to keep EEI’s Executives and other EEI Branch Directors informed about developments at the incumbent's EEI branch.

Collaborate with staff and outside personnel on strategies and resources for providing educational opportunities for students; communicate with universities and school districts to seek opportunities for program development and student enrollment; coordinate with School District admission officer; monitoring the latest school policies, maintain good relationship with local educators and institutes (This will take 10% of the Incumbent’s Time)

  • Network with administrators of local area schools, school departments, administrators, counselors, and teachers as a means of publicizing EEI and exploring opportunities for joint educational ventures.
  • Network with admissions officers at various colleges and universities in order to heighten EEI’s profile and stay abreast of admissions trends and policy changes.
  • Develop and coordinate a continuing evaluation of the programs to clients; ensure that the company has the most up-to-date information about program educators, offerings, and availability

Tools and Resources:

  • Social Platforms such as: Youtube, Wechat, Wordpress, and company’s website…
  • Online Sources such as: Greatschools, Niche, school district websites…
  • Microsoft Office Tools: Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint
  • eMarketing Platforms such as: Yelp, Google Business, Constant Contact

Physical Demands / Working Conditions:

  • This position works in normal office environment, and constantly operates a computer and other office equipment such as projector, video conferencing system and so on.
  • The person in this position frequently needs to communicate in English in written and oral format.
  • Work schedule for this position is Tuesday through Saturday, and work hours are usually 12:30–7:30pm.
  • This position needs to commute to local school or local offices for clients’ need

Academic Requirements and Qualifications:

  • BS Degree in in Education, English or a foreign education equivalent, Master will be a plus
  • Nice to have: general knowledge of middle and high school curriculum, instruction and the strategies and materials for educating and counseling middle and high school students
  • Possess the capacity to work comfortably and communicate effectively with students and parents
  • Excellent communication skills to coordinate clients and local services
  • Ability to perform with confidentiality and discretion