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Fall 2019 Programs & Schedules


College Application Counseling

Elite International Consulting provides students and families with assistance for the final step on the Road to Harvard. Our professional teams assist with building a school list, writing application essays, creating an activity list, and all additional steps until matriculation.  

Resume Building

Boost college applications and personal academic resume with UC and College Board- approved classes. Get grades, credits, and transcripts to boost college applications. Show interest and ability in most competitive majors.

SAT 1500 Prep Path

SAT Pre-test Prep

Learn all tested knowledge content and train all foundation skills in Reading, Writing, and Math to score 1500+ through Elite’s SAT Prep program.

SAT Test Prep

Train all necessary testing skills and review all tested subject areas in our proven and historic preparation class. Get the 1500+ score needed for Top 50 US colleges and universities in our Boot Camp and Weekend programs.

SAT Practice Courses

Focus on thousands of SAT practice problems and mini-lessons per section. Maximize your SAT score with Elite Summer Boot Camp.


Read, Discuss, Write - Just like Andover. Analyze difficult, diverse reading quickly. Discuss and debate ideas and opinions in Harkness Circle. Write with logic and evidence at speed.

What Students Are Saying
Elite Prep Test Prep Student Debbie P.

Personalized Care

“I really got a lot of personalized care from my Elite Prep teachers. This is a special place where the teachers really care. Every hour you spend studying for the test is going to benefit you in the future. It will all be worth it in the end!”

Debbie P.
Elite Prep Student
Harvard University

Elite Prep Tutoring Student Neal P.

Learning for Life

“Elite Prep’s SAT Boot Camp really helped my with time-management. I wasn’t very organized and had a hard time keeping up with my work, but Elite really helped me set that straight. Stay focused and you can do great things!”

Neal P.
Elite Prep Student
Stanford University

Elite SAT Prep Student Anna R.

Expert Instructors

“At Elite, I learned to speak up and ask questions. Take advantage of all the opportunities that Elite offers! The teachers are there to guide you through your high school career and get you to where you want to go in the future.”

Anna R.
Elite Prep Student

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