Elite International Academic Team 

Elite Educational Institute by Elite Education Group

Since 1987, Elite Education Group has been training generations of students and families around the world to achieve their American education dreams and be a part of the leadership class through long term, master-planned, well-rounded education. Our performance historically still is unmatched in the world. It is our historic mission to establish the quality systems of student development and success, building  generations of children who will grow up to be the leaders of their communities, companies, and countries all over the world.

Elite Educational Institute was founded in the Southern California in 1987. It was the first company in the world, esp in America, to answer the need of advanced college prep. Elite, for over 30 years, has come to offer all education solutions for those who wish to learn at the level of or prepare for application and admission to top American high schools and colleges.

Elite Academic Team Member Qualities:

  • Has experienced and successfully completed quality American education.

  • Is looking to develop self between college and career transition or graduate study/applications, thus desires to make maximum impact with that time.

  • Wants to leave impact and legacy with classroom, communities, and company

    • Since 1987, Elite Education Group is proud that our young people dedicate years of quality service to education, not because they can’t do anything else, but because they certainly can and will do other things in life. And we want reward that experience as much as we can with opportunity.

  • Values empathic teamwork experience and development of interpersonal communication skills.

  • Wants to see the world using our opportunity to learn and new culture, language, or further explore the region.

Elite Academic Areas of Focus:

  1. Skill Enrichment Courses from Elite Prep

    • Harkness Discussion-Based English Enrichment

    • Improvisation-Based English Enrichment

    • Autobiographical Writing Courses

    • Courses Seasonal, Depends on Local Community

  2. American College or High School Application Preparation from Elite Prep

    • SSAT SAT, or ACT

    • Courses Seasonal, Depends on Local Community

  3. Elite Open School - Blended Learning Courses for Digital Coursework

  4. Team/Community Ambassadorship of American Education

    • Ex. Seminars, Workshops, Charity Galas, etc

  5. Team/Branch/Company/Organization Level Contributive Projects

    • According to Employee Development Plan

Elite Academic Responsibilities:

  • Plan and Run Courses Around Provided Class Material

  • Academic/Class Reporting System

  • Student Evaluations

  • Improve Curriculum/Course Design

  • Assist, Train, and/or Hire Other Part-Time Local Instructors

Ideal candidates will display:

  • Positive outlook to try new techniques and experiences esp in classroom, esp as most EOS heavily leverages digital curriculum.

  • Flexibility to adjust to feedback balanced with adherence to international academic guidelines.

  • Willingness to sharpen empathic communication and cross cultural teamwork.

  • Desire to grow self in knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

  • Patience, sincerity, and compassion as ambassadors of American Education and Elite Education Group.

Career Foundations & Growth Tracks:

We expect our team members to grow and contribute accordingly year on year. Most of our Academic Team commit 2-5 years before transitioning to further education or career plans in the United States.

Thus Elite works with each individual employee to ensure that personal development, the highest and diverse personal recommendations, and notable growth experiences in the following areas for graduate school or career transitions beyond:

  • Management - Hiring, Training, Team Development

  • Branch or Regional Marketing

  • Business or Brand Development - New Branch Startup or Established Branch Development

  • Seminars and Public Speaking - Client Families or Team or Events as Elite Representative

  • Public or International School Relations for Branch or Region

  • International Project Coordination - Set by Elite Global HQ

  • Academic Curriculum Development - For Regional or International Use, Work with Elite Education Intl.

  • Technology - Development, Implementation to Assist Academics, Google Services, Chromebooks, etc.

ome of our team members choose to finish their overseas experience and return and serve with the California Headquarters to serve with Elite International Consulting services and also Company Expansion Support with, naturally, priority placement and promotion as we believe in hiring and developing from within.

Elite Compensation May Include (Not Limited to):

  • Monthly Salary
  • Structured Bonuses
  • Round Trip Flights
  • Visa Related Costs
  • Housing Stipend
  • Transportation Stipend
  • Career Building Foundation
  • Best Company Culture and Local Branch Teamwork


  • Bachelor's degree or Higher. Desired Major Areas of Study are Humanities, STEM, Art, Film. All others still welcome.
  • Strong to Quite Strong in Reading and Writing Effectiveness and Mastery
  • Prior teaching/tutoring experience preferred but not required

Elite Websites:

  1. eliteeducation.group

  2. eliteprep.com

  3. eliteopenschool.org

More on Elite Educational Institute:

Elite Education per Year:

  • 30,000 students  

  • 6 countries of operation - USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia

  • 51 directly operated Elite Prep learning centers

  • 12 countries of Elite Open School  students

  • 5-8% of SAT perfect scores worldwide are Elite students

  • 4500 high school seniors

  • 3,000 college application counseling clients

  • 4000+ students to top 50 universities across the USA

  • 250+ to the Ivy League universities, Stanford and Caltech

  • 900+ teachers hired, trained, managed from our HQ in California

  • 255+ K-12 American, accredited courses offered through Elite Open School

  • 4th-6th Average Grade when joining Elite

  • 4 - 6 years Average student lifetime with Elite services

The reason why families come to Elite is very goal oriented. They want to plan and prepare to go to school in America, or they want make sure their children’s education is always at American standard levels as if they were in America. That is what has always made Elite different: we and our clients have clear goals.  Depending on students’ levels, we have two tracks with multiple steps to help our students achieve their goals in order with priorities at each level.

  1. Elite Prep High School Track – This is the track or path for those who want to attend the best high schools in America. Most will join during elementary school, at about the 3rd or 4th grade. They will progress step by step, gaining skills and achieving milestones, from a through e, until they finish with High School Application Counseling.

    • Drama/Improv – Mastering speaking with emotion and confidence through plays and improvisation.

    • Elite Open School (EOS) Courses – American grade level English courses taken through our blended learning system.

    • Elite Youth – Harkness System discussion-based learning, advanced analytical reading and writing covering a wide knowledge base and the highest of American academic culture.

    • Elite Test Prep – SCAT, ISEE, SSAT  

    • High School Application Counseling - Final technical step, from interview to all portions of the application.  

  2. Elite Prep College Track – This is the track or path for those who want to attend the best colleges in America. Most will join during 9th or 10th grade, but still many will join in 7th or 8th grade as well (those students would follow portions of the high school track, except for the final two stages). They will progress, step by step, gaining skills and achieving requirements, from a through d, until they finish with College Application Counseling.

    • Elite Youth Honors – Advanced reading and writing at a college level, as well the foundation of advanced testing knowledge base later used in the SAT/ACT.

    • Elite Open School (EOS) Courses – AP and other high school courses with college accepted grades to show interest and competency for American colleges.

    • Elite Test Prep – SAT, ACT, SAT-Subject, Advanced Placement (AP), PSAT and TOEFL

    • College Application Counseling – The final technical step to prepare the necessary School List Strategy, Application Essays and Interview Performance with Elite’s global team.