Our Mission

The Elite Community Scholars Program seeks to provide resources, information and mentoring to students of all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds so they may be successful in their journey to college and beyond.

Our Vision

An inspired and thriving community of empowered, global citizens.

A Brief History

The Elite Community Scholars Program (ECSP) is a group of programs operating under the name Elite Community Scholars. Programs are generally offered free of charge, typically to low-income first-generation students who normally wouldn’t have access to Elite’s programs due to an inability to pay. The first projects launched in 2008 at Young Nak Church (Lincoln Heights) and Kidworks (Santa Ana), two organizations that invest in local children to help them become leaders in their communities.


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Past Programs

Projects have varied widely, and some of the programs we have offered include:

  • 6-week SAT program, in which students meet once per week

  • 10-week SAT program, in which students meet twice per week

  • 3-day Common App Retreats, in which students meet for three consecutive days to complete their Common Applications

  • 8-week College Application Workshops, in which students meet once per week to complete their college essays

Core Values

  • Inclusion: we believe all students should have equal access to information and resources

  • Commitment to Excellence: we are committed to excellence in all areas of our life and work

  • Respect for Diversity: we respect each other and celebrate our diversity so that everyone can give their best

  • Commitment to Self: we respect each individual’s right to decide what is best for him/herself, even if we disagree on what is best

  • Transparency: we believe in clear communication of expectations, needs, and consequences

  • Accountability: we believe in keeping our word and holding others to their word

  • Integrity: we act with honesty, trust and openness; our intentions and actions will be transparent and above reproach

  • Forgiveness: we believe in second chances

  • Urgency: given the nature of our work (with SAT and college prep), we operate with a sense of urgency and challenge ourselves and others to also embrace a sense of urgency to accomplish our shared vision

  • Collaboration: we are all working toward the same goals and we know great things happen when we work together

  • Self-discovery: we believe in offering students the opportunity to learn more about themselves through our programs and hope to support students on a journey outward (out of high school, toward college) as well as inward (discovering more about core values, beliefs, and ethics).


Teaching Opportunities

If you're interested in getting involved in the Elite Community Scholars program as a paid instructor or site director, please complete this short online application:

Partner Opportunities

Schools, individuals, and community-based organizations that would like to learn more about partnering with Elite Community Scholars should fill out this contact form:

What Elite Community Scholars Are Saying


"Thank you so much! Never in my life have I met someone so interested in my success. I greatly appreciate everything you have done for us." 

"Thank you for encouraging us and pushing us to reach our full potential. Without you, I’m sure a great number of us wouldn’t even have taken the SAT. Besides helping us academically, you also made us feel sure of ourselves. With the motivation that you kindled I’m sure that we will reach great places."

"Thank you for all that you have brought to our high school! In addition to great academic knowledge, you also provided us with a very friendly and approachable teacher, which isn’t found all that easily here. I can honestly give you credit for my score. Were it not for Elite, it would’ve been much lower."


Elite Community Scholars Partners

John Marshall High School

John Marshall High School
Elite Site Director: Aaron Pollock

Somali Family Service San Diego

John H. Francis Polytechnic
Elite Site Director: Jennifer Kim

LA Leadership Academy
North Hollywood High School

North Hollywood High School
Elite Site Director: Jennifer Lambertus

Kidworks - Santa Ana
Marshall Fundamental