What makes Elite's curriculum special?


The cornerstone of any test preparation program is its curriculum, and Elite's is second to none. Our test prep materials, from the lessons to the practice tests and quizzes, are entirely our own and provide a solid foundation to enhance our students' knowledge and test-taking skills.

Many other academies task their individual instructors with finding their own material or let them choose from between various publishers whose theories on test prep differ. This can result in an uneven and confusing experience for students. At Elite, our consistent, flexible, and proven curriculum produces real results. 

Here are a few things that make Elite's curriculum unique:

  • Elite's test prep curriculum has been carefully developed over the last 24 years, and is constantly updated according to the latest changes on standardized tests.
  • Our practice tests are uniquely created by the Elite Research & Development department. Because we offer so many of our own tests, students are able to take the tests weekly and study for as long as necessary without taking the same test twice.
  • Every question on our practice tests is tested among thousands of Elite students to gather the best data to ensure that the questions are realistic, effective and fair. Even published test prep books cannot test their questions this way.
  • Elite’s SAT prep programs are not restricted to repeated use of the College Board practice tests and are supplemented with our own materials.
  • The Research & Development team that creates our curriculum has decades of experience focusing specifically on standardized tests like the SAT.
  • Our lessons offer solid preparation and teach fundamental academic skills. We encourage students to grasp ideas and concepts fully rather than rely on quick tricks or gimmicks.

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