UC Admissions Update


Admission Notification Dates

The campuses of the University of California will start announcing their admission decisions for the fall 2013 term in from February through late March 2013. The specific notification schedule for the UC campuses is set out below:

  • UC Berkeley: 3/28
  • UC Davis: 3/15
  • UC Irvine: 1st week of Feb. (rolling)
  • UC Los Angeles: 3/22
  • UC Merced: 2/15 (rolling)
  • UC Riverside: 2/1 (rolling)
  • UC San Diego: 3/16
  • UC Santa Barbara: 3/19
  • UC Santa Cruz: 3/15

Statement of Intend to Register (Deadline: May 1)

You have to accept the offer of admission to the campus you want to attend by submitting the 

Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) 

and nonrefundable $100 deposit by May 1, 2013. You can accept an offer of admission to one campus only.

Waitlist (Deadline to Opt In: April 15)

All campuses, except UC Merced and possibly Berkeley, will use waitlists for their freshman admission pools. You may receive an offer to be placed on a waitlist from more than one campus. If you wish to be placed on one or more waitlists, you must affirmatively opt in by the April 15 deadline. Even if you accept an offer to be placed on a waitlist, you should still commit to one of the campuses to which you have actually been accepted for admission by the May 1 deadline to submit the SIR and $100 enrollment deposit. If you later accept an offer of admission from a campus from the waitlist, you will simply forfeit this enrollment deposit.

Appeals (Deadline: April 15 in general; March 29 for UC Santa Cruz)

If you are not offered admission to a particular UC campus, you may submit an appeal if you feel that there are good grounds to do so by the April 15 deadline to submit appeals (the deadline for UC Santa Cruz is March 29). Keep in mind that the purpose of the appeal is to present compelling new information or to correct a possible oversight in the initial review. Furthermore, different campuses have different processes to submit appeals--for example, some campuses require that an appeal be submitted online while others may require a student to submit a formal appeal letter along with supporting documents--and it is important to follow the given instructions. Lastly, students cannot submit an appeal for a spot on the waitlist.