Introducing a New Personalized Tutoring Program


Elite Educational Institute is proud to introduce the Elite Quad 3-2-1 Learning System, a new program that features individualized tutoring with Elite’s expert instructors and a group of up to three students.

The Elite Quad 3-2-1 Learning System allows students to purchase a bundle of tutoring hours that they may use at any time for tutoring sessions in the subjects of their choice. Meeting regularly allows students to get to know their instructors well and allows our instructors to customize their lessons to fit each student’s learning style.

The goal of the Elite Quad 3-2-1 Learning System is threefold: to increase students’ academic confidence through effective teaching, to instill students with a sense of vision, and ultimately, to advise students how to achieve that vision through mentoring. The program has been designed so that each two-hour session is conducted with a maximum of three students. Throughout the session, each student receives individual attention and is taught at his or her own pace.

Rather than being limited to only an academic curriculum, the Elite Quad 3-2-1 Learning System helps students to develop study skills and discover their strengths while working to increase academic performance. Elite’s teachers meet a high standard, and continued training for teachers gives them the best tools to motivate and monitor student success. Our high teacher retention rate and regular tutoring schedule make it possible for students to continue with their favorite teachers for a long period of time, creating positive and meaningful mentoring relationships.

To find out more about the Elite Quad 3-2-1 Learning System, contact your local Elite branch!

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