Director Profile: Jennifer Oh | Elite of San Diego


Hi, Jennifer! Tell us a little about yourself...

I'm the Branch Director at Elite of San Diego in Carmel Valley. That means I'm responsible for addressing local students' test prep and tutoring needs, keeping our programs up to date, and maintaining a fun, respectful, and harmonious work environment that my students and teachers enjoy being a part of. I meet with students and parents on a daily basis to tailor programs that match their specific needs and goals for a college career. Not every student gets the same generic advice. I also teach SAT writing classes, college application workshops, ACT reading and writing, and all other writing quads and tutoring we offer!

What's with the photo?

This one was taken on Costume Day during Summer Boot Camp! It was so fun. Everyone dressed up, but a couple of the students and I just had to show off Diane's amazing mermaid tail, which her mom made! (I'm on the right, holding the mermaid's shoulders.) 

Where are you from?

Michigan, mostly. My father's quest for knowledge, internships, and various jobs across the country moved our immigrant family around for most of my formative years. I went to five elementary schools, two middle schools, and then one high school, so I'm easily adaptable! I also attended Calvin College, where I majored in Biology/Pre-Med with post-bacculaureates in Comparative Literature and Linguistics.

Michigan was great. The people are so genuine and caring, and they're all die-hard Detroit sports fans. The autumns are the loveliest. I still have a big place in my heart for Michigan, but the winters drove me out!

Why Elite?

Elite's been around for 25 years and has an outstanding curriculum that we have carefully developed using data that we've collected over those years. Our students take our courses because the curriculum builds skills necessary for the exams, the tests are challenging so that students remain focused and motivated, and the test results can very accurately show what a student will score on exam day. Equally as important are our teachers and staff who make it a priority to motivate their students. In a time when public schools are overcrowded and not enough attention is paid to students, some of whom might need that extra help more than others, Elite makes sure that each of our student's needs are met.

Technological gadget of choice?

iPhone. (But I secretly want a Galaxy Note.) 

Favorite Word?

Somnambulist. It has a supercalifragilistic-ness to it.

Three fun facts about you?

Well, in addition to being an Elite Branch Director, I'm also a certified yoga instructor, and I teach vigorous vinyasa yoga classes – around my work schedule, of course. I enjoy spending as much time as possible upside down. I had a brief singing and radio career in Korea from 2003 to 2005. And I'm excited to be a first-time mom to a baby girl this December!