Boost Your AP and SAT Subject Test Scores This Spring!

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Yeah, AP Exams and SAT Subject Tests are notoriously challenging.

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Classes start in February. Contact your local Elite branch for schedules and tuition information.

About SAT Subject Tests

The College Board offers 20 SAT Subject Tests in 5 general subject areas: literature, math, science, history, and languages. Each test is an hour long. Many colleges use Subject Test results when making admissions decisions and when determining which courses to place students in. Submitting your SAT Subject Test scores is a great way to supplement your applications and show colleges the subject areas in which you excel. 

At the most selective schools, SAT Subject Tests can be just as important as the SAT or ACT. Each college has its own guidelines regarding Subject Tests. For example, Caltech, Columbia, Harvard, MIT, and Princeton all require at least two Subject Tests. Other schools (and particular programs within those schools) recommend or strongly recommend certain SAT Subject Tests. Many schools don't require or explicitly recommend them, but will consider Subject Test results when making their admissions decisions. Each UC campus has different recommendations, so be sure to carefully check the admissions requirements and recommendations for every school you're considering.

Generally speaking, you should take two or three SAT Subject Tests in the areas that will showcase your abilities the most. Remember, you may take up to three SAT Subject Tests on the same day, but you may not take Subject Tests on the same day you take the SAT Reasoning Test.

The optimal time to take SAT Subject Tests is usually during May or June of your junior year.It's likely that you'll be the most prepared at the end of the school year when the material will be fresh in your mind. You can find a list of SAT Subject Test dates here.

About Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

Like the SAT Subject Tests, AP Exams are administered by the College Board. However, AP Exams are offered only in May after completing an AP course offered at your high school. You can sign up for AP courses through your school's AP Coordinator. (If your school doesn't have an AP Coordinator, you can contact AP Services before March 1 and arrange to take the exams at a participating school.)

As their name implies, Advanced Placement (AP) Exams offer students the opportunity to take higher level courses when they get to college. In fact, many colleges and universities (but not all) even offer college credit for students who score well on their AP Exams. This can be helpful for students who would like to make time to take a wider variety of classes or study abroad while in college.

The College Board currently offers 34 different AP courses. For a list of AP courses and exam dates, click here.