Spring Test Prep at Elite

Spring test prep at Elite

This spring, get the academic edge you need with Elite's flexible and highly effective test prep and academic enrichment programs:

SAT Subject Test Prep

Elite provides comprehensive preparation for many of the SAT Subject Tests consisting of weekly practice test sessions and review classes with instructors who not only are knowledgeable about their subjects but also understand how to help students prepare effectively for the SAT Subject Tests.


AP Prep

AP classes present some of the most difficult material you will encounter in high school. Also, since they’re only offered once a year, you a to be ready to perform at your best on exam day. Elite AP prep courses delve deeply into the course material, giving you a fundamental understanding of the concepts that will be tested on the exam and reinforcing what you’ve learned in class. Let Elite’s experienced AP instructors give you the edge you need to ace your AP exams, get those college credits, and submit truly outstanding college applications.


SAT Prep

Elite’s proven SAT prep curriculum is designed to give you the skills you need to master it. Each week, you’ll take a full-length practice exam under realistic testing conditions, along with classes focusing on Reading, Writing and Language, and Math. You’ll become intimately familiar with the format of the SAT and learn strategies to identify the concepts being tested in each question. So when test day rolls around, there are no surprises. You can walk in with poise and confidence, ready to reach your goal.


ACT Prep

While the ACT is meant to measure what you learn in high school, the test itself can trip up even the best students. You’ll need exceptional focus, excellent time-management skills, and a familiarity with the exam’s structure to really master it. And Elite’s proven ACT prep programs are designed to give you all of the above. Each week, you’ll take a full-length practice ACT test under realistic testing conditions, along with dedicated classes focusing on each section of the test: English, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and Writing. Our carefully-crafted curriculum and team of expert teachers will give you the confidence you need to reach your goal ACT score.



Elite’s PSAT programs help students get a head start on the test preparation process and improve their chances of receiving a National Merit Scholarship. Students take practice tests and dive into challenging curriculum, so they’re completely comfortable with the test and fully prepared to take the PSAT during their sophomore or junior year.


Elite Jr. Academic Enrichment Courses

Elite Jr. academic-enrichment courses have been carefully designed to help students in grades 5–9 get a head start on developing the knowledge necessary for academic success. Students build foundational skills in reading, writing, and math that will help them excel in virtually every class they will encounter in junior high and high school.

*Classes and schedules vary by branch. Check your branch's spring schedules for details.

For class schedules and registration info, contact your local Elite branch today!