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SAT Prep & SAT Winter Boot Camp

Elite’s SAT Test Prep Program consists of a weekly practice test and lecture classes covering Reading, Math, and Writing & Language. In the lecture classes, students review the practice test with experienced instructors and continue their learning through a series of lessons containing exercises designed to develop their reading, math, grammar, and writing skills.

Elite’s SAT Winter Boot Camp is an intensive preparation course held over eight days during
the two-week winter break, followed by weekend sessions leading up to the March 10 exam. 

ACT Prep & ACT Winter Boot Camp

Elite’s proven ACT prep programs are designed to give you exceptional focus, excellent time-management skills, and a mastery of the exam’s structure. With full-length practice ACT test under realistic testing conditions, along with dedicated classes focusing on each section of the test, our carefully-crafted curriculum and team of expert teachers will give you the confidence you need to reach your goal ACT score.

Elite’s ACT Winter Boot Camp is an intensive preparation course held during the two-week winter break, followed by weekend sessions leading up to the February 10 exam. 


The Elite PSAT Program is designed for students in 9th and 10th grade who want to get a head start on preparing for the PSAT and SAT. PSAT Boot Camp offers a set of three interlocking classes (Critical Reading, Writing and a Math class previewing Algebra II) taught at a pace more suited to younger students.

SAT Subject Test Prep

Elite provides comprehensive preparation for many of the SAT Subject Tests consisting of weekly practice test sessions and review classes with instructors who not only are knowledgeable about their subjects but also understand how to help students prepare effectively for the SAT Subject Tests. Click here to learn more about SAT Subject Tests.

Elite Jr. Power Reading and Writing & Power Math

Aimed at students in grades 5-9, Elite Jr. Power Reading and Writing courses focus on developing studies’ critical reading and thinking skills through an interconnected course of study involving reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar studies, persuasive writing, and test skill development. Power Math helps to ensure excellent grades in the upcoming school year and allows students to grasp even the most difficult concepts in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and precalculus.

College Consulting

College admissions are more competitive than ever, and a finely-crafted essay can be the part of your application that distinguishes you from the crowd. In Elite's College Application Workshop, students learn how to write unique, memorable, and powerful application essays. Teachers meet with students individually to proofread, critique, and revise multiple drafts, helping students create polished and compelling personal statements. In addition, teachers can provide step-by-step guidance in listing extra-curricular activities and completing college application forms.

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