Elite Prep in Tokyo

If you're looking for the best test prep in Tokyo, look no further!

For Japanese students considering university in the United States, it can be difficult to know all about American schools' admissions requirements. Let Elite Educational Institute help you gain the confidence, knowledge and test-taking skills you need to do your best on American college entrance exams.

SAT/PSAT Prep, ReadiPrep classes and more start this summer!

Contact Elite of Tokyo at +81 (80) 5181-9331 for more information on all of our tutoring programs.

Tokyo - Daikanyama Campus
1-31-18 Ebisunishi Shibuya
Takakuradai 7 Mansion Room 303
Tokyo 150-0021 Japan

TEL: 03-6416-9836
Mobile: 080-5181-9331