Academic Mentors

Elite Prep Arcadia

Elite Prep Arcadia has 4-5 openings for the Academic Mentor position. The position is part-time and requires a commitment of less than one year.

Minimum qualifications:

  • Completed or working towards undergraduate degree
  • Willing to work mornings/early afternoons on weekdays
  • Able to attend a mandatory training on December 22nd

Your job will be one part tutoring and one part student management. The goal of the academic mentorship program is to help students ask better questions among their peers and help them come to conclusions on their own. At times, you as an Academic Mentor may need to intervene and guide students in the right direction (or sometimes teach a concept), but the goal is to get students to learn how to use their resources and ask good/critical questions among themselves.

You will be working with students from the Arcadia Unified School District (Arcadia High School, First Avenue Middle School, Foothills Middle School, Dana Middle School). Most students are either FGC or LI.

We are looking specifically for candidates who are:

  • proficient in Math and Science (up to Algebra 2/Stats preferably)
  • nurturing/able to bond with students (youngest 8th grade, oldest 12th grade)

Days/Times: Tue-Fri (some days 8AM-12PM, others 8AM-2:30PM)
Pay: $15/hour
Hours: 12-16/week (min. ~12 hours/week)

Perfect for: 

  • teaching candidates (esp. for middle school and high school)
  • motivated college students looking for part-time work
  • those who love working with children/students
  • those proficient in math and science

Please note that a full background check will be conducted on all employees prior to hire.