International Educational Consultant

Elite Education International

The Forefront of Education:
Elite Education International is responsible for the ongoing success and expansion of the top American preparatory education in Asia and beyond. Founded and headquartered in Southern California since 1987, we have grown to 49 cities in 6 different countries with many more on the way. Our company’s success and record is with the generational advances of tens of thousands of families across the world. That is why we invite young people to build a solid foundation to any career or graduate education while making an impact bringing the most dynamic, progressive, and holistic pedagogy to all the great cities of the world. Today, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia. Tomorrow, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Saigon, New Delhi, Dubai. Join us in building our future together. 

Impact in Education:
Elite Education International seeks bright and energetic individuals to cultivate the next generation of leaders and thinkers who wish to prepare for American life and education. We seek those who are constantly curious to learn and apply all different aspects of knowledge and seek to impart that knowledge and wisdom to our students. We want team members who will encourage students to take risks in and out of the classroom and live courageously and decisively. We want team members who can create a safe learning environment, free from the fear of punishment or being wrong so we can see students lives and families be transformed over multiple years.

Primary Academic Areas of Focus:

  1. Test Preparation: Middle School Level SSAT to High School Level SAT, ACT, AP, SAT-Subject (AP Level Math and Science Proficiency Welcome)
  2. Advanced English Enrichment - Harkness Class focusing on Critical and Analytical reading, writing, and discussion
  3. Intermediate English Enrichment - American Grade 4-9 Reading Comprehension
  4. Foundation English Enrichment - Drama and Improvisation for Confidence and Emotion
  5. Elite Open School - Blended Learning In-Branch Course Support for AP Classes. 
  6. Branch or Region or Country Specific Speciality Courses or Workshops, such as Autobiographical Writing.

Educational Consultant’s Primary Responsibilities:
Plan and Run Courses Around Provided Class Material
Handle Academic/Class Reporting System
Assess and Complete Student Evaluations
Improve Curriculum/Course Design When Needed
Assist, Manage, and/or Hire Others on Academic Team

Career Foundations & Growth Tracks: 
We expect our team members to grow and contribute accordingly year on year. Most of our Educational Consultants commit 2-5 years, thus Elite Education International can ensure that they will have solid and growing resumes, the highest and diverse personal recommendations, and notable growth experiences in the following areas for graduate school or career transitions beyond: 

  1. Management - Hiring, Training, Team Development
  2. Branch or Regional Marketing
  3. Business or Brand Development - New Branch Startup or Established Branch Development
  4. Seminars and Public Speaking - Client Families or Team or Events as Elite Representative
  5. Public or International School Relations for Branch or Region
  6. International Project Coordination - Set by Elite Global HQ
  7. Academic Curriculum Development - For Regional or International Use, Work with Elite Education Intl. 

Some of our team members choose to finish their overseas experience and return and serve with the California Headquarters to serve with Elite International Consulting services and also Company Expansion Support with, naturally, priority placement and promotion as we believe in hiring and developing from within.

Potential Career Track at Elite International:
Elite China, Branch Educational Consultant
Elite China, Branch/Regional Academic Project Manager
Elite China, Academic Development Officer
Elite Open School, Branch Head Mentor
Elite China, Branch Academic Head
Elite China, Regional Academic Head
Elite International Consulting, Senior Consultant
Elite Open School, Department Head
Elite Asia, Regional Academic Head
Elite Asia, Academic Head
Elite International Consulting, Review Board Member
Elite Open School, Executive Administration
Elite Education International, Academic Development Officer

Service Beyond Self:
Since 1987, Elite Education is proud that our young people dedicate years of quality service to education, not because they can’t do anything else, but because they certainly can and will do other things in life. And we want reward that experience as much as we can. We are happy and honored to be in the business of saving minds and transforming lives of students and their families, generation after generation.

Elite Working Compensation Includes (not limited to):
Monthly Salary
Structured Bonuses
Round Trip Flights
Visa Related Costs
Housing Stipend
Transportation Stipend
Career Building Foundation
Best Company Culture and Local Branch Teamwork

Bachelor's degree or Higher. Desired Major Areas of Study are Humanities, STEM, Art, Film. All others still welcome.
Strong to Quite Strong in Reading and Writing Effectiveness and Mastery.
Prior teaching/tutoring experience preferred, not required
Ideal candidates will display:
A dynamic and engaging teaching and learning style
A proactive personality type with a knack for innovation and creative thinking
Effective communication skills
An enthusiasm for growth in knowledge AND wisdom.
Patience, sincerity, and compassion