Elite Prep Careers

Elite Educational Institute has been helping students achieve their academic goals for more than 30 years, and it's our people that make us the best in the business. Elite staff and instructors are motivated, genuine, enthusiastic individuals who share a sincere passion for education.

We seek not only to give students the tools they need to raise their test scores, but also to inspire students to discover themselves and unlock their potential.

If you're interested in joining the Elite Prep team, please check out the list of current job openings below. Submitting your online application and resume should take less than 10 minutes. Your personal information will be kept completely confidential.


Job Title Location Apply
Staff Accountant Headquarters
Irvine, CA
Assistant Accounting Manager Headquarters
Irvine, CA
Content Developers Headquarters
Irvine, CA

Northern California

Job Title Location Apply
Assistant Branch Director San Jose
Science Instructors (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) Cupertino
ACT/SAT Instructors (All Subjects) Cupertino
Science Tutor San Ramon
SAT Reading Instructor San Ramon
SAT & Private Math Tutor San Francisco
Chemistry & Biology Instructors San Francisco
Science Instructors (Biology & Chemistry) San Jose
ACT/SAT Instructors (All Subjects) San Jose

Los Angeles County, CA

Job Title Location Apply
Science Instructor Northridge
English Instructor Northridge
Math Instructor Northridge
History Instructor Northridge
Science Instructor Thousand Oaks
English Instructor Thousand Oaks
Math Instructor Thousand Oaks
History Instructor Thousand Oaks
Science Instructor Valencia
English Instructor Valencia
Math Instructor Valencia
History Instructor Valencia
SAT Reading Instructor Torrance
SAT Math Instructors Cerritos
SAT Reading & Writing and Language Instructors Cerritos
Weekend Kickstart ACT & SAT Instructors Los Angeles
& Inland Empire
Information Technology (IT) Assistant Los Angeles

Orange County, CA

Job Title Location Apply
Branch Director Irvine-Newport Beach
SAT Reading & Writing Instructor Irvine-Northwood
Math Tutor (Pre-Alegbra to Calculus) Irvine-Northwood
Front Desk Assistant Irvine-Northwood
SAT Writing & Language Instructors Fullerton
SAT/ACT Instructors (All Subjects) Anaheim Hills
Front Desk Assistant Anaheim Hills
Front Desk Assistant Irvine-Newport Beach
History Instructor Irvine-Newport Beach
Science Instructor Irvine-Newport Beach
Math Instructor Irvine-Newport Beach
English Instructor Irvine-Newport Beach

San Diego, CA

Job Title Location Apply
SAT Reading & Writing and Language Instructors San Diego-Pacific Highlands
SAT Reading & Writing and Language Instructors San Diego-Rancho Bernardo
SAT & High School Math Instructors San Diego-Rancho Bernardo


Job Title Location Apply


Job Title Location Apply
ACT/SAT/PSAT Instructors (All Subjects) Fairfax


Job Title Location Apply
SAT Instructors (All Subjects) Shanghai
SAT Instructors (All Subjects) Bandung
International Educational Consultant Various