The Sky's the Limit with Elite Summer Boot Camp

You set your goals. We'll help you reach them.

This summer, the sky's the limit!

Summer is the perfect time to prepare for the SAT and get a head start on your college prep. And Elite has a variety of programs, schedules, and locations to give you the flexibilty to select the program that best meets your needs. Summer classes start in June – contact your local branch today to schedule a free diagnostic test and consultation and find out which program is right for you!*

Summer Session programs include:

SAT Boot Camp

Elite's famous SAT Boot Camp is a rigorous program designed for high school students who want to commit a significant portion of their summer to raising their SAT scores. Students take a 3.5 hour practice test every Monday and attend class and test review Tuesday through Friday.* Classes focus on key test content – Critical Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, and Math skills – everything necessary to perform your best on the SAT. 

SAT Essentials

Our SAT Essentials weekday and weekend programs feature our proven curriculum, while offering a more streamlined approach to SAT prep and a less intensive schedule.

PSAT Boot Camp / PSAT Essentials

The Elite PSAT Program is designed for students in 9th and 10th grade who want to get a head start on preparing for the PSAT and SAT. PSAT Boot Camp offers a set of three interlocking classes (Critical Reading, Writing and a Math class previewing Algebra II) taught at a pace better suited to younger students.

AP/Honors Preview

Elite's AP Preview courses are designed to prepare students for the challenging coursework they will face in the upcoming school year by giving them a head start during the summer months.

ReadiPrep™ English and Math

Aimed at students in grades 5-9, ReadiPrep™ English focuses on developing students’ critical reading and thinking skills through an interconnected course of study involving reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar studies, persuasive writing, and test skill development. ReadiPrep™ Math provides students with a preview of the math coursework they can expect to study during the school year.  With this head start in English and Math, students will have strong foundation to build upon as they enter their fall semesters.

College Essay Workshops

Learn how to write unique, memorable, and powerful personal statements and supplemental essays! Teachers meet with students individually to brainstorm, outline, proofread, critique, and revise multiple drafts until they have polished and compelling essays. In addition, students receive a step-by-step college admission consultation including assistance with college selection, major selection, and resume preparation.

*Classes and schedules vary by branch. Check your branch's summer session schedule for details.

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Congratulations to Shanghai Student Hannah S. – Accepted to Harvard, Yale & Princeton!

Congratulations to Hannah S., Elite China’s first student back in 2012, the first Chinese student in history to be accepted to Harvard, Yale, AND Princeton. We are so very proud of her hard work with us for the past four years.

This summer, Elite China offers the same American highest-quality academic preparation and counseling services for all students in grades 3 to 12 at our two Shanghai locations:

Pudong: No.1789 Yunshan Road;021-60293805
Xuhui: No.406-1 West Jianguo Road; 021-61945586

Contact your closest campus for more information or visit

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Elite Prep Apgujung Premier Center

In April 2015, the new Elite Prep Apgujung Premier Center in Seoul, Korea will invite a senior consultant from US corporate headquarters  to share Elite's 28-year expertise with our parents who are interested in Ivy League applications at the Ivy-Bound College Counseling Seminar.

Among 46 locations in 6 countries worldwide, Elite Prep Apgujung Premier Center is working with seasoned counselors and instructors who graduated from Ivy League and other top U.S. universities. Elite provides  students with personalized guidance and customized solutions to successful entrance into the very best colleges and universities in the United States.

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Elite Prep in Tokyo

If you're looking for the best test prep in Tokyo, look no further!

For Japanese students considering university in the United States, it can be difficult to know all about American schools' admissions requirements. Let Elite Educational Institute help you gain the confidence, knowledge and test-taking skills you need to do your best on American college entrance exams.

SAT/PSAT Prep, ReadiPrep classes and more start this summer! Contact Elite of Tokyo at +81(0)3-5326-3480 for more information on all of our tutoring programs.

Shinjuku Park Tower N30th Floor
3-7-1 Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 163-1030 Japan

Tel: +81 (0)3-5326-3480
Fax: +81 (0)3-5326-3001

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Elite of Westwood Grand Opening!

Elite Educational Institute is proud to announce the grand opening of our newest branch in Westwood, headed up by Branch Director Sam Rim and Assistant Director Laura Kim!

Located on Westwood Boulevard between Missouri Ave and La Grange, Elite of Westwood's spring and summer classes include SAT & SAT Subject Test prep, ACT prep, 3-2-1 Quad Tutoring, and ReadiPrep Math & English. 

If you live on the west side of Los Angeles and are ready to give your grades and test scores a serious boost, contact Elite of Westwood today to schedule your free diagnostic test and consultation!

Elite of Westwood
1964 Westwood Blvd, Suite 150
Los Angeles, CA 90025

(310) 470-4340

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Four Elite of Arcadia Students Score Perfect 2400 on SAT

Congratulations to Titus Wu, Tiger Su, Hanah Lee and Jeffrey Wang, four of our amazing students at Elite of Arcadia, who all scored a perfect 2400 on the SAT!

Jeffrey, Hanah and Titus – all students at Arcadia High School – even merited a story on NBC LA. From the report:

The trio of students all took the same SAT preparation course at Elite Educational Institute, however their interests and hobbies couldn't be more different.

Lee's favorite class at Arcadia High is AP biology. She hopes to attend Stanford University and study biology after graduating high school.

Wang's favorite class is also AP biology. He is close to earning the Eagle Scout ranking within the Boy Scouts of America organization and also plays on the volleyball team.

Wu works on Pow Wow, the student-run newspaper at Arcadia High. He said his "dream college" is New York University, where he hopes to major in journalism one day.

Way to go, guys! We couldn't be prouder!

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Director Profile: Jennifer & Robert Collins | Elite of Bellevue, WA

After many years as teachers and administrators at Elite of San Ramon in Northern California, Jennifer and Robert Collins have headed north to serve as Branch Director and Director of Operations at Elite's newest branch in Bellevue, Washington. We wanted to get to know this extraordinary husband and wife team better, so we sat down with them to learn a little more about their backgrounds, their new jobs at Elite, and their dancing skills. Among other things. 

What do each of you do at Elite?

Jennifer Collins: I'm Elite of Bellevue's Branch Director, which means I do a lot of things. Primarily, I meet with students and parents to discuss their college and career plans and help match them with the best programs we offer. Once students are enrolled, I check in with them periodically to make sure they're meeting their goals. Behind the scenes, I arrange class schedules, hire instructors and staff, spread the word about our new location and otherwise "get stuff done." And I usually end up teaching–usually history, critical reading or writing.

Robert Collins: Basically, as Director of Operations, I do everything else. This includes coordinating with other businesses, handling accounts, training new teachers, counseling students and otherwise providing support to the branch. I'm also the bad cop – if students don't do their homework, they deal with me. In a pinch, I also teach math, chemistry, biology and physics.

How long have you been with Elite?

Jennifer: I started teaching history at Elite of San Ramon in Spring 2009. Since then, I've taught Book Club, AP and SAT Subject History, SAT and PSAT Critical Reading and Writing, and College Application Workshop. I've also served as Assistant Director and Branch Director.

Robert: I joined Elite in October 2008. I've taught math, biology, chemistry, physics and have served as a Branch Director.

What makes Elite special?

Jennifer: We've committed ourselves to Elite because of the educational values of the company. We both appreciate that our jobs as teachers and counselors are to instill knowledge in our students and set them up for strong futures. What sets Elite apart is its emphasis on learning and the importance of knowledge. While we certainly provide tips and tricks about how to take the tests, our main objective is to help our students become stronger critical thinkers and problem solvers. We want our students to end our classes with a thorough understanding of the subject material and an ability to solve problems rationally. We also admire the fact that Elite develops a love for learning and knowledge in its students. 

Where are you from and where have you lived?

Jennifer: I'm Northern California born and bred, living in the Bay Area and Sacramento region primarily, but I did spend a semester abroad in Alcala de Hernares, Spain.

Robert: I grew up in Mountain View, California and spent my high school years in San Diego. Since then, I lived in the Bay Area until moving to Bellevue. We did also live at 7,000 feet of elevation on Donner Summit for a year. We had the unique experience of living through a full winter with 50+ feet of snowfall.

How long have you been in Washington? What's your favorite thing about your new home?

Jennifer: We moved to Bellevue in October just before the rain set in and have been very happy in our new home! I love that the city has lots of trees and offers plenty of outdoor activities. Our dogs LOVE Marymoor Off-Leash Park. I've also enjoyed shopping and dining downtown and exploring different locations and activities in Western Washington. I'm looking forward to the spring and summer so that we can start hiking!

Robert: They drink a lot of coffee here. I drink a lot of coffee. It was meant to be.

Where did you guys go to college and what did you major in?

Robert: We both attended the best public school in the world: University of California, Berkeley. GO BEARS! I studied Bioengineering with an emphasis in neural and sensory systems engineering. Jen studied Political Economy of Industrialized Societies. 

Okay, time to get get real. Please name two things you would accomplish if you had unlimited power and influence.

Jennifer: I would try to tackle issues that the world's community currently faces, such as reducing our carbon footprint, that require absolute power to create a sizable impact that incentives (financial, emotional, etc.) would not solve on their own.

Robert: I would aggregate all medical records into a single anonymous database so that large-scale statistical analyses can be run to find links between diseases and genetic/environmental factors.  They have already done this in some countries, but it would be hard to do it on a large scale and would be prone to abuse.  I would also help Jen's environmental initiative by purchasing a couple clean, efficient hybrids for myself (particularly the Porsche 918 and the McLaren P1).

What's your technological gadget of choice?

Jennifer: My Kindle Fire: it fits easily in my purse and holds my favorite books and puzzle games.

Robert: I've had the opportunity to play with a Steambox for a little while.  There's something about playing Kerbal Space Program on a 60 inch TV that makes me particularly happy.

Favorite breakfast cereal?

Jennifer: I don't really eat cereal because I hate milk. 

Robert: Coffee.

I'm curious. Would others say that you can dance? Please explain.

Jennifer: Not a chance. When Robert and I went salsa dancing with friends, I kept trying to lead and ended up looking like a stiff chicken and bruising Robert's toes. It also doesn't help that I'm tone deaf and have no idea how to count music.

Robert: I studied engineering. What do you think?

What programs, educational or otherwise, are you watching these days? 

Jennifer: I'm a sucker for practically anything on BBC, especially Orphan Black, Doctor Who, and Downton Abbey. Robert can never get enough Top Gear, and has refused to watch Breaking Bad explicitly because he is a chemistry teacher and hates reminding students that chemistry teachers do not (typically) manufacture methamphetamine. We also watch a lot of nature, history and science documentaries. Our recent favorite was Attenborough's Life Stories.

What's your #1 study tip for students?

Robert: Listen to music without words and make sure to get adequate sleep. The key to converting short term memory into long term memory is repeated exposure punctuated by sleep.

Jennifer: When studying, put down your devices – no Facebook, no texts, no music, no television – and work in twenty-minute intervals with brief breaks in between. Studying is a lot more effective and efficient when you're focused.

Any other fun facts we should know about you?

Robert: If and when Jeopardy offers a couples' tournament, we would and will destroy all competition. In the meantime, we challenge each other in Trivia Crack.

Jennifer: Though the Sports category is our great equalizer.

To schedule a free diagnostic test and consultation, contact Elite of Bellevue today!
Classes begin this spring.

Elite of Bellevue
15400 SE 30th Place, Suite 102
Bellevue, WA 98007

(425) 998-9891


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Dedication earns struggling student early admittance to Harvard

Peter Liu with Elite Instructor Jon Gentry

Peter Liu with Elite Instructor Jon Gentry

I met Peter Liu in one of my SAT Critical Reading classes during the summer of 2013. Initially, I thought I had failed him. The pace and learning curve seemed to be more than Peter could handle. He had only learned English three years prior and was now tackling the rigors of the SAT. The vocabulary was completely foreign; the passages were too convoluted. His reading speed was below average and often, he could not understand the particulars of the critical reading questions. During test review, Peter always wanted to dig deeper into why the right answers were correct and why his answers were wrong. Many times, he remained unsatisfied with the correct answer. I could tell Peter possessed a strong work ethic, but I also knew that he needed to invest much more time and effort than most. Little did I know, he coveted every bit of knowledge and would stop at nothing to reach his goals. Not until I started working with Peter on his college application essays, however, did I begin to understand the fullness of his story.


Peter had only learned English three years prior and was now tackling the rigors of the SAT. The vocabulary was completely foreign; the passages were too convoluted. His reading speed was below average, and often, he could not understand the particulars of the critical reading questions.


Peter immigrated to the United States from China at the start of 8th grade. Unfamiliar with English, he struggled just introducing himself in front of his new classmates, prompting an intense desire to learn the language as quickly as possible. By 9th grade, Peter had successfully lobbied for placement in Honors English, but his ambitions were much higher than merely gaining a command of English. When Peter realized that his high school did not offer Advanced Placement classes, he signed up for local community college courses to satiate his continued quest for knowledge. Attending Elite's summer boot camp was yet another stepping stone. Yes, the work posed new, unique challenges, but through dedication and persistence, Peter rose to the occasion.


Little did I know, Peter coveted every bit of knowledge and would stop at nothing to reach his goals . . . Beyond seizing every academic opportunity available to him, Peter fully immersed himself in both his school and local communities. 


A more complete picture of Peter was unveiled as I began advising him on his college personal statements. The strength of his character is apparent in his actions. Beyond seizing every academic opportunity available to him, Peter fully immersed himself in both his school and local communities. He holds multiple leadership positions in a number of activities, including serving as President of Student Council and Captain of the Varsity Swim Team. Outside of school, he has taken part in job shadowing programs, yet he is most proud of his work with a local immigrant rights community organization, through which he has met with members of Congress and organized booths at resource fairs. I understood Peter presented an impressive profile and was entirely on board with his aspirations.


Surprised and yet not at the same time, I knew that Peter's admittance to Harvard was a testament to his passionate purpose and unwavering dedication.


A graduate of Harvard University, I am ecstatic when any of my students decides to apply for admission. Imagine how I felt when Peter elected to apply to Harvard early. Applauding such self-confidence, I supported him through each step of the process: essays, supplements, even interview tips. Imagine the sheer elation upon his receiving news of acceptance to Harvard last week! Surprised and yet not at the same time, I knew that Peter's admittance was a testament to his passionate purpose and unwavering dedication. He is proof that one's obstacles stand no chance in the face of applied ambitions, and within everyone lies the potential and power to achieve the greatest of dreams.


Jon Gentry is a Harvard grad and an instructor at Elite of Los Angeles, where he teaches SAT Critical Reading & Writing, AP English Language, and College Application Workshops. He's originally from Houston, loves basketball and green tea, and his favorite vocabulary word is "seditious."

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